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12 September 2019 - 13 September 2019
Alkmaar, Netherlands
Fueling the future with renewable gases B2B matchmaking

Techno-economic blueprint for the heat supply in Nijstad Oost on 100% hydrogen (Living Lab Hoogeveen)

For the development of the techno-economic blueprint for heat supply by means of hydrogen in the Nijstad Oost residential area in Hoogeveen , the project developers are looking for technological and non-technological solutions and aspects related but not limited to the following:

  • A hydrogen gas flow meter or monitoring system which is suitable for usage in residential environments taking into account retrofit possibilities
  • Retrofit household appliances (like e.g. furnace, stove, boilers etc.) for which hydrogen can be used to operate/power them
  • Cost-efficient hydrogen compression and storage solutions
  • Cost-efficient electrolyser with smart power system
  • Odour suitable to be mixed with hydrogen which is either divergent (or with equal smell) from the odour applied to/mixed with natural gas
  • Regulatory and legal issues dealing with hydrogen in the built environment
  • Safety and hazard issues related to hydrogen production, distribution and in particular utilisation within the houses

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InVesta: Biomass and gasification technologies (Living Lab Alkmaar)

InVesta is looking for companies with economic viable technologies (or part of technologies) that lead to a lower cost of sustainable syngas and their applications. Besides that InVesta is interested in companies that want to test and demonstrate their new innovations.

  • Pre-treatment techniques (sorting, grinding, drying, torrefaction, pyrolysis, etc.)
  • Gasification technology (conventional gasification, supercritical gasification, etc.)
  • Gas cleaning (sulfer and chlorine removal, etc.)
  • Synthesis technology: from syngas to application (biofuels, green gas, green chemicals, hydrogen)

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Liquefied hydrogen for transport (Living Lab Alkmaar)

The aim of this part of the project is to make decentralized liquifaction of hydrogen costs efficient. We are looking for several technologies related to liquefied hydrogen:

  • Liquefied hydrogen production
  • Pipe systems
  • Storage and transport systems
  • Liquefied hydrogen systems for vessels and trucks (fuel cells technology)
  • Safety techniques

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